Ms. O’ Reilly’s 4th Class

In November Ms. O’Reilly’s 4th Class studied the country of Norway in Geography and looked at the Vikings in History. The Vikings came from Norway. We wrote reports on the Vikings explaining ‘Who the Vikings were’, ‘How they travelled’, ‘Viking myths and legends’ and ‘The Battle of Clontarf’. Here is our final piece of work.

We used the ipads for our research on The Vikings and for researching Norway. We had great fun using our ICT and research skills.

While looking at Norway in Geography we found out Edvard Munch the artist was from Norway. We recreated his famous ‘Scream’ piece. Take a look:

During October, we learned all about space in 4th class. We studied the Moon Landing. We wrote diary entries as if we were Neil Armstrong the day he landed on the moon. We researched lots of information. We drew astronauts falling through space in Art, they were lots of fun.

We worked in groups and did some project work on the Solar System. Each group researched one planet / the sun. We found out so many interesting facts. We wrote up some of the facts we learned and drew our given planet. We all enjoyed working in groups and using the ipads.