Ms. O’ Reilly’s 4th Class

Ms. O’Reilly’s 4th class were very busy during science week. Every day during science week the class participated in a new science activity / experiment.

The class investigated soil witnessing the four different ingredients within soil; clay, sand, silt and organic material.
Next 4th class investigated floating and sinking with oranges and were really surprised by the results. Oranges actually float with the skin ON and not off. This is because air is trapped in orange skin pores making it buoyant.

Wednesday was an exciting day with 4th class creating a sparkly volcanic eruption. This experiment was lots of fun. Using baking soda (a base) and vinegar (an acid) the two ingredients reacted with each other and created ‘lava’.

The class also made balloon rockets. They tested out how far the balloon rocket would travel by making the string longer.

Finally Ms. O’Reilly made butter with 4th. They saw how materials could change in this experiment. The class made cream turn into butter using force (shaking). There was even a tasting session with crackers and the homemade butter. The verdict was YUM!!!