Ms McGill 4th Class


Ms. McGill’s Fourth Class

Recently, we have been learning about monks and monasteries in Early Christian Ireland. Firstly, we read about the life of a monk in a monastery. We then drafted our first diary entry as a monk. We then published our diaries onto tea-stained paper. They are now displayed in our classroom.




Next, in groups of five or six, we constructed magnificent monasteries using cardboard, yoghurt pots, paper plates, empty toilet rolls and paper. We then worked as a team to paint them.


Finally, we worked in groups to research about the old Monks. We had five groups in our class;

  • Famous Monks
  • Life of a Monk
  • Buildings in a Monastery
  • Work in a Monastery
  • Life at the time
  • We made beautiful posters and non-fiction books to clearly present all the information that we got from our research. Researching about monasteries was fun! We learned a lot about Monks in Early Christian Ireland.