5th Class Maths Problem Solving

Maths Problem Solving in 5th Class

As part of improving our problem solving skills in Maths, Ms. Perkins’ 5th class are allocating maths time every Friday to Problem Solving. The maths books are put away and students are posed with a problem. Hands-on materials relating to the problem are made available to each pair/group, e.g. chocolate bars, socks, whiteboard, etc. Students are thoroughly enjoying being given tasks to work out and complete on their own. When finished, students present their findings to the rest of the class. They discuss whether they’ve worked out the problem or not and talk about what worked well and what didn’t. This leads to endless discussion in the class. Children are learning different techniques to tackle problems that they may find difficult. They are also getting the opportunity to see how other students in the class have tackled the problem, that could be, different to how they worked it out. Children are clearly learning collaboratively together in a fun way and are understanding that it is okay to make mistakes and that making mistakes is a part of learning!