New School Lunches – Glanmore Foods

Last year St Joseph’s conducted surveys with parents, children and staff in regard to school lunches. The Board of Management analysed the results and offered Viv, our man from Glanmore Foods the opportunity to work with our school on school lunches.

Viv our man from Glanmore really impressed the Board of Management, staff and parents with his plan for the school lunches. The recent ‘sample’ morning for the parents was a huge success and parents are looking forward to the visit to Glanmores’ factory where they will be able to see the process of making their children’s lunches.

Every parent can now go online with their child and select from an extensive menu. Every parent is now able to see, on a daily basis exactly what their child is eating in school.

Only one week in and the system is working very well thanks to Viv, Lisa and our wonderful lunch lady Helen.

The school looks forward to working with Viv in the future, a man who really seems to take pride in supporting school events, parents and children

Glanmore Foods are a family owned, multi award winning and 100% guaranteed Irish business.