Dina School Graduation

Small group Dina ran for the 8th year in a row in St.Josephs NS. The six children from 1st class and leaders Ms. Curtis and Bernie Lennon celebrated their completion of the programme with a graduation party on Wednesday 14th of March.

Small group Dina is an intensive after school programme aimed at treating children who present with specific emotional and behavioural problems such as conduct problems, poor social skills and internalising issues. With the help of their incredible friends Molly, Wally, Dina and Tiny Turtle, children who attend Dina school lean how to regulate their emotions, make friends, problem solve and be successful in school.
In Dina school the children learn about…
• Making friends and learning school rules
• Understanding and detecting feelings
• Problem-solving steps and anger management
• How to be friendly
• How to talk to friends
• How to do your best in school