Mrs. Maguire’s Senior Infants

Mrs. Maguire’s class read the book “Giraffes can’t dance” together and talked about how sometimes it seems like we can’t do something but really it just takes time and practice. We broke off into a discussion of how everyone is different, just like the giraffe and his wobbly legs. Just because we’re different doesn’t mean we aren’t all brilliant! He was able to dance once he found the right music for him. The children were fascinated by this wobbly giraffe who figured out how to dance in the moonlight.

We then made our own wobbly legged dancing giraffes. First, we drew and coloured our giraffes using pencils and crayons. Then, we painted the night sky and stuck our giraffes onto it. They are displayed in the corridor for all to see.

Finally, we wrote a book review about Giraffes Can’t Dance focusing on our favourite part of the story!

The boys and girls in Mrs. Maguire’s class put on a wonderful display at Easter with their fabulous hats. Well done boys and girls you were brilliant!