Ms. Walsh 6th Class

In 6th Class this month we have been learning about electrical currents in Science and have been lucky enough to get to investigate lots of different types of circuits. We learned that a circuit will only work if it is complete, and so we used this knowledge when creating our own LED Insects. Like all good scientists and engineers, we started off with designing our bugs, and we had to be really specific with our measurements, as a simple clothes peg was going to hold our insects body. After the design process was over, we got down to the good stuff! We measured and then attached copper tape to our clothes pegs, making sure that it was all stuck down securely, as if it wasn’t, our circuit would not be complete. After this, we placed our LED lights at the top of the peg (the head), as these were going to act as the insect’s eyes. We were very careful that the legs of the LED lights did not touch, as that would have caused a “short circuit”! After the LED lights were situated, it was finally the moment of truth; we added the coin battery, (our power source), and waited for the light show! The children have really enjoyed this hands-on activity and look forward to completing it in full after Confirmation. We will keep you updated!