Ms. Mc Intyre’s Senior Infants

The first term has been busy for us all in Senior Infants. We are enjoying being back at school learning lots of new things.

We have been learning a new way to write. Its called cursive handwriting but we like to call it “Fancy Pants Writing”.



We have also done a lot of art. We love to paint. Teacher read us the story ‘Peace At Last’ and we painted a picture of Father Bear.

We love to take a break in our book corner and read our favourite books.

In Maths we have been learning about recognising and repeating a pattern. We painted fish and made our very own patterns.

We also have been learning about adding. We used hula hoops to help us understand it a little better. We also got a chance to go into the hoops and our friends counted us.

We have been learning about 2d shapes. We used play dough and little sticks to make the shapes that we know. We talked about properties of 2d shapes.

We also have been talking about autumn time. We have discussed the new season and all the changes. We collected lots of leaves and conkers for our autumn table. We then made Leaf people from our leaves.