November – A Time of Remembrance

In November we remember those who have died, while also allowing their spirits to inspire us in our daily lives. We call this month the month of the Holy Souls. They can become part of our journeys, gently helping us as we make decisions and cross new thresholds. Sometimes they can become even closer to us after death.

November draws us into the beginning of the season of darkness and the honouring of ancestors. We recall their goodness as servants of the Gospel. Winter invites us to gather inside, to become still, and listen for the voices we may not hear during more active times of year. These may be the voices of our own inner intuition as well as the voices of those who came before us.

The Celtic feast of Samhain coincides with the Christian celebration of All Saint’s Day on November 1st and All Soul’s Day on November 2nd. These feast days begin a whole month in honour of those who have died. There can be a tremendous wisdom to be drawn from those who have travelled the journey before us, and whose memories we carry in every fibre of our being.

Maybe the invitation for this month is to remember and honour those who have passed on, and to allow expression for the stories which live inside of us, Consider spending some time each day, giving thanks for the gifts passed on to you and praying for those whose shoulders you stand on and those who you remember in your heart.