Parents Association Meeting

Pictured above are members of our Parent Association and Deputy Principal Paul Mc Gee who reviewed and approved some important School Policies. The Policies concerned are:

  • Code of Behaviour
  • Physical Interventions (addendum to the Code of Behaviour Policy)
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Child Safeguarding Statement
  • Child Safeguarding School Risk Assessment
  • SPHE Policy
  • RSE Policy
  • Intimate Care Policy
  • School Visitor Policy
  • EAL Policy
  • Inclusion Policy
  • As always we are very grateful to the Parents for their commitment and loyalty and the school appreciates the work that the Parent Association does for us.

The next event of note that has been organised by the Parent Association is on Wednesday 10th of April 2019 when the school will host a talk on Children’s Mental Health. The evening begins at 7pm and has been arranged through the National Parents Council. We hope to see a large attendance and a free raffle will be held on the night with some lovely prizes.