St Joseph’s N.S.

Board of Management- 11th of December 2018

Agreed Staff Report

  • Board would like to extend gratitude to the SEN team who did tremendous work in updating the SEN policy which was ratified by the Board.
  • Well done to all involved in the outdoor classroom and yard activities. This has made a difference in terms of yard behaviour and has had a positive impact in our school already. Thanks to Mr. Keenan and Ms. Thomas for organising the beautiful art work.
  • The board agreed to fund the repair and extension of the fence at the Seafield Lawns end of the senior yard.
  •  Well done to Ms. Lawlor and to all staff for the excellent PTMs. The attendance figures are fantastic, and it was a great success.
  • Well done to Ms. Nelson for her coordination of Science week. It was a huge success.
  • Well done to Ms. Mc Enteggart for coordinating the book fair it was a great fundraiser for the school.
  • Well done to Mr O’ Connor and Ms. Callan for the fantastic achievement in being awarded the Digital Schools Award. The board are delighted.
  • Well done to all involved with the Bake Sale, a great success and Sr. Joan was very happy to hear the children were thinking of those less fortunate at this time of year.
  • Board wish to acknowledge the generosity of a member of our school community. The gifts she donates to the most disadvantaged families in our community make a huge difference to our children at this time of year.
  • Good luck to all with the Christmas concerts!!
  • Board would like to wish all staff a very happy Christmas. They also expressed a heartfelt thank you to all the staff. They acknowledged the difficulties we face and the huge amount of work (both seen and unseen) from all staff members that makes St. Joseph’s what it is.