St Joseph’s N.S.

Board of Management- 9th of October 2018

Agreed Staff Report

  • Board acknowledged the work of our SNA staff. Board was informed that Karol (SNA) now has full hours and the board welcomed the appointment of new SNA, Amanda Foran.
  • Board wished to thank those who are filling AP2 post on a voluntary basis and praised their generosity.
  • The excellent work being done by the AP1s and their importance to the smooth running of our school was also discussed
  • Huge well done to all the teachers involved in Summer Courses and Summer Camps. 
  • Thanks to the staff members engaging with the SSE behavioural support team. Board hopes the suggested strategies will lead to some positive results.
  • Well done to all involved with KIVA. Board wished the team members every success with the events of the coming week.
  • Board wised to acknowledge the receipt of a beautiful thank you card from the language class team who are very happy with their new facilities.
  • Thank you to all involved with the Outdoor classrooms. They will be a fantastic resource for our school.
  • Well done to Ms. Hughes on the food dudes. Another fantastic initiative.
  • There will be Halloween Discos in order to raise some much-needed funds.
  • Praise from BOM for Ms. Roz and Mr. McGee on the enormous amount of unseen work that goes into running a school of this size. Huge praise also for staff members on their excellent work. Sr. Joan wanted to mention the fantastic sense of unity, support and cooperation. She wished all staff members a happy and relaxing mid-term.