Ms. Perkin’s Little Gardeners

Lidl and Innocent Smoothie Plant Pots

We certainly have green fingers in St. Joseph’s! Junior Infants planted vegetable and herb seeds before Easter and have taken great care of them since. Their Lidl seeds went home before Easter because they’d grown so well and Ms. Perkins looked after the Innocent plant pots over Easter. As you can see, the boys and girls did a great job at planting and looking after them since as they are all growing really well. The students also set up an experiment to test the conditions for growth. One pot was put in a cupboard so there’d be no light and another was put on a windowsill without water. As predicted, nothing has grown in either of these pots. Boys and girls are keeping a log of growth changes and observations every week. Our Vegetable Detectives are making note of these recordings every Friday. We take turns at watering the pots every morning and evening. The boys and girls hope to take their Innocent plant pots home in a couple of weeks…they’re very excited and hope to see peas, radishes and other vegetables and herbs. Many thanks to Catherine who got us the Lidl pots and to Mrs. Callan who got us the Innocent Smoothie pots.