Dinosaur Eggs

The children in Junior Infants were intrigued to learn all about dinosuars in Aistear. They were even  better than Ms. Perkins at pronouncing all the dinosaur’s funny names. All of the boys and girls knew lots of things about dinosaurs and were super teachers telling Ms. Perkins all this wonderful information. The best part was making baby dinosaurs from playdough and rolling  their sleeves up to get their hands dirty with glue, water and newspaper. They had great fun covering a balloon in the sticky liquid to make the dinosaur egg. When hard and painted, they placed the baby dinosaur inside and took them home to hatch. This art process took a long time and boys and girls were so good at being patient and doing every step each week. They were only delighted to finally get to take their finished works of art home. A huge thank you to Catherine our SNA who spent much time with all the children helping them at every step of the way. She certainly had glue all over her by the end of it.