St Joseph’s N.S.

Board of Management- January 2020

Agreed Report

  • The Board would like to thank Ms. McLoughlin and Ms. O’Reilly on their fantastic work with the Las an tSlí project in recent months.
  • The Board will be advertising for the position of a part-time secretary for the school Office.
  • The Board commended the staff on the large amount of CPD training and study which they have been involved in on an ongoing basis.
  • The Board were glad to hear that an updated DEIS plan is reaching completion.
  • The Board were pleased to hear of the recent ‘Acts of Kindness’ homework initiative which will now become an annual event.
  • The Board welcomed the positive report form our diocesan advisor in relation to Religious instruction in our school.
  • The Board ratified our updated Religion policy.
  • The Board were delighted that our school ‘AED’ was used by Ms. Hughes and other staff during a medical emergency that occurred outside our school. The Board wished the man involved a speedy recovery.
  • The Board would like to extend their appreciation for all staff involved in a number of hugely successful events.
  • To all staff for what was a beautiful Christmas Carol Service
  • To Mr. McGee and all parents and staff who helped with our Flag Days and Church Gate Collections which raised vital funds for our school
  • To Ms. Manning and the huge number of staff and parents involved in the Peace Proms this year
  • To Ms. Lawlor for many fantastic events during Catholic Schools week especially, SEINN in Dundalk and the annual trip with parents to Portadown for the celebration of SEINN in the North of Ireland
  • To all 3rd class teachers and SNAs for the successful swimming programme involving a huge number of pupils this year.
  • To Ms. Donnelly for organising the fantastic cycling programme for 4th class
  • To Mr. O Connor and Ms. Murphy for attending the cross-country athletics event with children from 4th to 6th class