Book Collection and School Deliveries Update

Hello Children,

It will be lovely to see you all over the next two weeks. If you have any school novels, reading books or library books please bring them back when you visit.

A lovely bag of fruit and vegetables will arrive on your doorstep on Wednesday. They’re a special gift to the school. Enjoy them and I think more will come. We hope you are  keeping fit and well and are enjoying the good weather.


Your school reports will be up on Aladdin Connect from the 22nd June and your Mum and Dad / Guardian can see how well you have done from September to March.


The summer will fly and we’ll all be back together in September in a new class with a new teacher. So if you can come in and say goodbye this week and next week we would be delighted to see you all.

Just don’t forget…………….
Please queue and keep social distance