Back to School Plan

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is with a sense of relief and happiness that we can welcome your children back and
provide you with the details of our arrangements just for Monday 31st August our first
day back at school.

Before school starts
1. Make sure your children have an early night so they have lots of energy for school.
2. Please check that they have no signs of Covid – high temperature, breathing
difficulties, new cough or loss of taste and smell. If they do please do not send them
to school
3. Put on their uniform and make sure they have tissues, pencils etc. in their school
4. They can bring their own personal hand sanitizer if they wish. This cannot be
shared with others.
5. Please look at the hand washing video on our school website and practice before
you come back to school.
6. Please remember that if you travelled outside of Ireland or have been in contact
with a suspected / confirmed case of Covid that you must isolate for 14 days

Arrival at school
1. School begins at 8:50am
2. Please social distance outside the school gate
3. All children will walk to their old classroom
4. Unfortunately no parents are allowed into the yards.
5. The old Junior infant classes will assemble in the schoolyard play pods with their
former teacher and enter the school with their former teacher. (We may continue to
practice this for the first week based on the needs of the children).

New Junior infants
1. Ms Thomas and Ms Markey’s new Junior infants will assemble outside the gate of
the old school yard at 9:30am.
2. Ms Perkins and Ms Sally’s new Junior infants will assemble outside the gate of the
old school yard at 9:40am

During school
1. We have a one-way system in the school
2. All classrooms and corridors have hand sanitizers
3. We have 3 sets of breaks instead of 1 to support safe play in play pods on the yard.                                                                                4. We have invested in play pod dividers for the infant and junior yards to support safe
5. All classroom desk arrangements adhere to DES guidelines.
6. All children have been provided with their own class box to store their books safely
while at school.
7. All classroom cleaning adheres to DES guidelines and we have invested in a
sanitizing machine to sanitize all rooms, books and equipment thoroughly each
8. If a child presents with Covid symptoms we will immediately bring them to one of
our isolation / sick bay rooms in our school. You will be contacted immediately and
asked to bring them home. (Please check our response plan for details).
9. Lunch is provided for all children. This year as an extra safety measure, we will
provide children with their own bottled water.
10.For the month of September homework will be limited to oral work and brief tasks
set by the teacher.

Junior Infants
Ms Thomas and Ms Markey’s class will exit the school at 12 noon
Ms Perkins and Ms.Sally’s class will exit at 12:10 pm
Senior infants
Senior infant classes will exit at 1:30pm
5th and 6th will exit at 2:20pm.
3rd and 4th will exit at 2:25pm.
1st and 2nd will exit at 2:30pm
(This will support older children having to collect their brothers and sisters from infant gates)

Please note:
1. As per Des guidelines, parents can only enter the school by prior appointment.which can be arranged through email ( or phone 0429337170
2. The above arrangements in the coming weeks and months, will be subject to change based on the health and safety needs of the children and staff.
3. All procedures, policies, safety measures and updates will be posted regularly on the Aladdin Connect app and school website
4. This is merely a brief summary of day one.                                                                                                                                           5. Our priority is the safe and happy return of all our pupils. I’m sure all of the children
are looking forward to reconnecting with their friends, teachers and SNA’s.
6. We will need all your support to make this work. I know it won’t be easy for any of
you, but please be assured that everything we are doing is to protect your child and
ensure our school stays open.
Look out for further updates later in the week.

God bless,

Ms. Roz