School Gates & Social Distancing


Dear Parent/Guardian, 

We are all doing a great job together keeping our children, staff and school community safe. However, there is one area that needs major improvement which has been brought to my attention by quite a few parents. 

  1. Please wear masks when you are dropping and collecting your child. 
  2. Please, please observe social distancing outside the school and avoid congregating in 

groups to chat. 

  1. Try to drop your child in the line and leave. 

We are all working very hard to keep our school open. We have been blessed so far. We want to keep it that way. 

Parents -Social Distancing is one area that needs more proactive support from you if we are to keep you safe, your children safe and the staff safe. 

Once again, I thank you for the great job you are doing at home with your children. It is making a huge difference to St Joseph’s. 

Key Message 

  1. Parents/Guardians- Please wear masks when dropping and collecting your child 
  2. Please social distance outside the school gates