We are delighted to be able to tell you that a much needed resource has been
approved by DES. Our first special class for supporting children with ASD and severe learning
needs who require the support of a special class setting will be established next year.

The purpose of the class is to support children with ASD and severe learning
needs, who are experiencing, or would experience difficulty in a mainstream
class setting, to access the curriculum and maximize their potential for learning
and personal development.

The class will also prepare children with ASD and severe learning needs , where
suitable, to re-integrate into the mainstream setting.

Criteria for a child to be considered for admission into the class:
 A place must be available
 A full psychological assessment specifying Autism by a clinical/educational psychologist or psychiatrist, with a recommendation
of placement in an ASD specific class.
 This report should be recent, within the last 24 months, and must include a diagnosis of autism which meets DSM-IV/V or ICD-10 criteria.
 A recommendation from the diagnosing professional that the pupil has complex or severe learning needs that require the support of a special
class setting and the reasons why this is the case
 School Admission Application Form – fully completed, indicating that you wish your child to be enrolled in an ASD class
 A multi-disciplinary report is also valuable, and should be presented to the school at the earliest possible date.

The maximum class size in the ASD class is six pupils.

Please Note
We are still awaiting documentation from DES to begin the planning process
and get accommodation within the school organised for the coming year.It
should be here shortly.
Please check out our Admission Policy for further information. Don’t hesitate to
call the school if you feel your child qualifies for a place and would like to hear
more details.

New Special class 2022-2023
Applications for Admissions to the special class open February 14 th 2022
Applications for Admission to the special class close – March 16 th 2022