The Language Class will now be known as the “Aspen Class”. The unique shape of the Aspen leaves creates a whispering sound in a breeze, which the Celts believed was the souls of the ancestors communicating. The Aspen will grow into a full sized tree. The Aspen tree was often planted at the entrance to a house, in memory of lost loved ones and for the protection they offered.

The Aspen – “Whispers in the wind”.


The Language Class is a special class, centrally located within the school. It caters for children who are diagnosed with Developmental Language Disorder. There are seven children in the class who are between four and eight years of age. The class is a joint collaboration between the Department of Education and Skills and the Health Service Executive.

The Language Class team are fully committed to ensuring your child has a safe, joyful, life-enhancing experience in this class. The staff includes a new class teacher Ms. Faherty, speech and language therapist three mornings a week and Susan our full-time special needs assistant. The teacher and SLT collaborate closely to plan, deliver and evaluate language goals for each child. Children are supported to access the normal school curriculum with particular emphasis on specific language objectives. They are integrated into mainstream class within the school as appropriate and fully involved in school activities.

Children usually attend for two years and transfer to mainstream thereafter. Transport is provided for children who need it along with an escort to ensure the safety of each child.

Parents are active and fully informed in their child’s learning journey.  Regular Parent/Teacher/Therapist meetings, informal meetings, feedback through questionnaires, daily diaries, teaching/SLT demonstrations are ways we support parents. Special efforts are made to include parents in all aspects of school life. The Language Class is an integral part of St. Joseph’s N.S. since it began in 1995. The Board of Management and School Staff  endorse all the magic that happens in this class!