Children’s Experiences at the Breakfast Club:

A 4th class pupil discussed “even if she(Mum) didn’t have work, she would take me, and she’d just be really happy seeing me going all happy with my brother”.

A 6th class group said “getting to school early because you can be late sometimes” and “we get to class on time”.

5th class pupils mentioned that “the breakfast is the most important of all your meals”.

4th class said, “nobody’s going to come to school hungry…lots of food there, the food was amazing”.

4th class mentioned that they enjoyed “toast and tea…. and the fruits” and 6th class pupils said that they liked, “once a week…sausages with toast”.

A 5th class group explainedd how attending the breakfast club “gets you fuelled up and re

ady for the day”.

Another 5th class focus group said “when you eat your breakfast, you have more energy, for the rest of the day until lunchtime and big break…you fell like more stable, kind of..”

Also, as 1st/2nd class pupil discussed how “it makes me feel happy and to see all my friends before school”.

A different 5th class group described the breakfast club “it’s kind of like a cafeteria…like a hangout spot, a happy place, you get to socialise…you get to enjoy yourself and you can eat”.