Antigen Testing of asymptomatic children in class  pods

where a parent/guardian has confirmed one child with a positive PCR  COVID-19 test

result from that pod

(Pod= a set of tables where a group of children sit)

What happens?

  • Parents and guardians- please do not send your children to school if they have COVID-19 symptoms or if your child has a positive PCR or antigen test.
  • Please phone and tell Ms Roz immediately if your child has a positive (detected) COVID-19 PCR test result. 
  • I will text all parents of a class where a positive case has been confirmed.
  • I will personally phone the parents or guardians of the children in the same pod of the confirmed case and explain  how they can get an antigen tests if they want.
  • I will not share the name of the pupil of the confirmed covid case.

What you can do next

    • I will give you the school roll number, so you can get a free antigen tests, should you wish:                         FREE PHONE  1800110055
    • You will need to give your name and home address together with the school’s roll number to the Freephone number  1800 110055  to get delivery of the antigen tests. 
    • A box of 5 antigen tests will then be delivered to your address with instructions on how and when to do the tests. (a video will also be available online HSE)
    • Please carry out one antigen test on the day that you get the box of tests, a, a second test 2 days later, and a third test 2 days after that. 
  •  All children in the pod can continue to attend school as long as they have no symptoms and they do not have a positive COVID-19 antigen or PCR test result. 
  • Children who are well and have no COVID-19 or respiratory symptoms can remain in school while they are doing their antigen tests. 
  • You do not need to tell the school of the results of their child’s antigen tests.

Child from pod with Covid symptoms

  • Please remember to tell the school immediately if your child does a PCR test and is positive
  • Remember.. if a child from  a pod  with a confirmed case presents with symptoms, they should stay at home,organise a PCR test –HSE test portal and not use an antigen test. 

What if my child’s test is negative?

  • Important: Even if the antigen test is negative… your child  should get a PCR test if he/she develops any covid symptoms
  • Even if your child’s COVID19 test is negative, if they continue to have symptoms they should not go to school as they may spread other viral infections. 
  •  If a Covid case is in your house all unvaccinated children less than 13 years of age must stay at home and get a COVID-19 PCR test on day 0 and day 10. 
  • Remember if your child has ongoing chronic conditions, e.g. asthma, allergies you need to complete the  medical  declaration available from Lisa at            Reception

Freephone number for free antigen test


1800 110055


***Please click the following link to read the  statement from the Department of Education regarding arrangements for the new system of antigen testing of asymptomatic close contacts in primary schools:

Click Here for Letter