Every Lesson Counts

Some of the wonderful prizes donated by our sponsor, -Tesco Ireland- for our project – Every Lesson Counts aimed at improving punctuality and full day attendance. Mrs. Lawlor reports that major improvements have happened over the past two months.

Just a reminder that taking you child home 15 minutes early from school can amount to a loss of 10 school days over the year! Please try and avoid early withdrawals from school.

Thank you for all your support on this project. In appreciation there will be a raffle in every class for children who have been punctual and stayed in school for the full day every day. Approximately 300 prizes have been distributed between all classes for our parents and guardians who are actively supporting the project.

We hope to have a similar raffle next March, with the help of our sponsor for all our exceptional children who are such good attenders and ever punctual.

Blessings at Christmas
Ms. Roz

Punctuality Chart