We were awarded the Food Dudes Plaque for completing the first national 3-year cycle of Food Dudes.
The whole school and the breakfast club took part in the Food Dudes Week this year. The delivery was a nice surprise for year 3. We had fruit and vegetable tasting days. The fruit for the tasting days were: apples, oranges, blueberries, bananas and apples / blueberries portions. The vegetables were: carrots, cucumbers, yellow peppers / carrots portions, mixed peppers portions and tomatoes.
Firstly, everyone got a “Passport to Healthy Eating” for in their class. Then each pupil tasted a portion of fruit and a portion of vege, watched a Food Dudes Week episode and completed their “Passport to Healthy Eating” each day. At the end of Food Dudes Week, infants who did not previously take part in the Food Dudes Programme received a reusable Food Dudes Lunchbox.
The Food Dudes were delighted that so many teachers and families were logging on to use the Fun at Home resources. You can find more resources for Food Dudes at home at: https://www.fooddudes.ie/food-dudes-fun-at-home/