Homework for 0ctober 2020

 Good morning parents/ guardians.

 I’m so glad to say we are all safe and school is still open and working well. All the children have settled back happily at school and are well- adjusted to the early morning risings. We can now move to the next phase in the school routine.  

Digital homework begins on the 19th October

We are easing children into the routine of completing digital homework by giving work that can be completed in about 15 minutes in all classes on seesaw (similar to work your child did from March- June)

5th and 6th classes
Spelling/phonics through Quizlet



Senior Infants

Reading/Sight words



3rd/4th classes
Spellings on Quizlet

Maths: Master you maths – photo sent back on Seesaw app

Literacy: Grammar exercises / recite a poem and record

Wellness activity 

Junior Infants
Oral work

Nursery rhymes

Think Tack Toc activity


1st/2nd classes
Spelling/Phonics Quizlet

Reading/Sight words


SPHE /Wellness activity


  1. Digital Devices have been very slow in coming, but we hope that almost all children will be able to bring home their devices on Monday 19th October.(Please touch base with Mrs. Lawlor or the office if you haven’t yet sorted out your book bill.)
  2. The children have been practising in class and should be very familiar with Seesaw work  and the use of other apps to support their homework.
  3. Once the devices goes home.. it stays at home for homework and is solely the responsibility of your child. Please ensure they are  using it safely. Internet usage is a serious concern for all parents. Check your child ‘s device regularly to ensure they are using it safely, and also that they are completing homework.
  4. If the device gets broken at home  you will have to replace it yourself .I advise parents to buy a protector case themselves to help keep devices safe.  
  5. This is a new  and exciting venture  for us all. Blended learning  in schools  is a listed priority for DES and I am delighted that our children will be flying ahead.
  6. We will send home a simple page of instructions on the 19th October with the device to ensure your child can work safely, happily and effectively.

Please keep safe and well. Thank you for all your encouragement, support and advice.