The children in St. Joseph’s have democratically elected their new student council members 2023/2024.

They had their first meeting on Tuesday 10th October. They voted for the badges to be green this year. Green was chosen because it shows we are all working together to keep our environment clean and hope for a sustainable future!

At the meeting the children on the council got to know each other and spoke about their excitement about being a leader of change and helping to make big decisions in our school.

On Wednesday the 25th of October, Ms. Roz the principal, invited the children down to her office to formally welcome them onto the student council. She commended them on choosing the colour green and spoke to the children about the 17 sustainable development goals.

Finally, the council were presented with their medals.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday the 26th of October, we intend to get the suggestion boxes up and running and do a safety survey of the school.

Congratulations to you all,

Ms. Kennedy