Mr. Toner’s class learned all about Light energy in Science class this month. They learned that light is a form of energy with specific scientific properties. They also made lists of the different types of light sources, both artificial and natural light sources. 

As part of this work they were particularly interested in the refraction of light. They decided to see how light travels through a different medium like water.  To do this work they:

1 – Got a sheet of paper, and drew two arrows on it. One arrow near the top and one arrow near the bottom. They made the arrows so that they pointed in the same direction.

2 – They filled a glass with water.

3- They placed the piece of paper behind the glass of water.

4 – After this, slowly they lowered the piece of paper behind the glass of water.

5- After this, they looked through the glass of water and observed what happened.

The refraction of light caused by the light passing through the medium of water caused the bottom arrow to change direction!