Ms. Perkins’ class have had lots of fun and new learning experiences since coming back from their Christmas holidays.

They had so much fun visiting our new library for the first time and choosing their new library books. Many thanks to our 6th class pupils for helping our Junior Infants learn all about how to choose books and put them bak in the correct place.

All students got new playdoh for our second term and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the playdoh with cutters, scissors and shapes. They have gotten so good at opening and closing the lids of the playdoh properly so that they don’t dry out!

We studied the forces of push and pull in science and the children had lots of messy fun creating wonderful works of art from pushing and pulling different transport vehicles created cook patterns on their pages!

The children are also doing so well in their maths and putting their ICT skills to good use playing interactive games on the whiteboard and practicing turning the iPad on and off properly, turning off all the apps on the iPad and taking each others photographs.

Well done boys and girls!

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