Preparing for the sensitive elements of the Relationships and Sexuality Education Programme:

Relationships and Sexuality education is an integral part of the S.P.H.E programme. The sensitive elements of the Relationships and Sexuality education programme are covered under the Strand Units, ‘Growing and Changing’ and ‘Taking Care of my Body’. We will be completing these Strand Units with Senior Infants, 2nd, 4th over the next two weeks.

It is school policy to deal with these topics through structured lessons,

without undue emphasis. The sensitive aspects of RSE are listed in the RSE policy on the school website. It outlines all of the sensitive language and the classes in which it is first taught, thus enabling parents to prepare their children in advance for the topic, if they so wish.

It is very important that parents are aware of the language that your child will learn during RSE lessons. We encourage you to use this language at home with the children, which in turn, will give the children more confidence in using the correct terms themselves.

We do support families who prefer to instruct their own child in the areas about to be covered. However, families need to be aware, that it is not possible to control the conversations some children might share and have on the school yard or outside of school.