School Excellence Fund Project

Las an tSlí 2018-2022

What the project is about

Scaffold transitions between primary and post-primary

This project aims to build meaningful relationships between the child, parents and teachers across primary and  post-primary to ensure that transitions to post-primary occur in a routine way, over time rather than being abrupt transitions.

Although post-primary schools have induction programmes and homework supports in place, further scaffolding is required to support children from DEIS schools safely navigate the transition to post-primary.

Empower parents and promote family learning

 Equally, empowerment of parents to value and share in their child successful transition requires active, explicit engagement over time, both at primary and post-primary level.

This project aims to

  • Scaffold the child’s educational journey by focusing on Comprehension Strategies: key basic skills in information processing filing and retrieval, critical thinking across primary language  and SESE curriculum
  • Focus supports on class levels 4th-6th in primary and 1st  year post-primary
  • During the first year primary school pupils and teachers will access IT support and expertise from post-primary schools in the cluster. Workshops for children and parents will ensure that parents get the opportunity to share new learning with their children.
  •  Through school visits between all cluster school, teachers will get the opportunity to share classroom practices in relation to teaching and learning
  • From the visits it is hoped that an agreed approach to the use of comprehension strategies to support learning will be formulated and piloted in the following year.
  • During the second year of the project we will scaffold the child’s cultural journey by focusing on basic drama and theatre skills that will promote
    • key basic skills in communicating and working with others
    • develop an awareness of cultural contexts
    • ensure that learning outcomes are grounded in relationships connected to family and community
  • We will collaborate and promote the  HSCL’s recent initiative on family learning to provide focused, proactive  support for parents.

Who’s involved?

 St. Joseph’s NS 4th-6th class
St. Vincent’s Post- Primary 1st years, TY students
Redeemer Boys 4th-6th class
O’ Fiaich College 1st years, TY students
De La Salle Post- Primary 1st years, TY students