Stay Safe Programme in St. Joseph’s
Teaching your Child how to – Keep Safe:

January /February 2024

We have been doing the Stay Safe Programme in St. Joseph’s school for many years, but we would like to get
parents more actively involved this year.
The aim of the programme is provide personal safety education and abuse prevention for children

 Worksheets to accompany the lessons may be given as homework to your child or may be brought
home for you to discuss.
 You’ll see what your child is learning
 It gives you an opportunity to discuss personal safety issues with your child and to explain the safety
rules that exist in your family.
Teacher will have been focusing on aspects of safety from the beginning of the
year. Our Kiva Programme also supports the content of the Stay Safe Programme.
Before the reinforcement programme starts next week:
 Make sure you’re familiar with the lesson topics
 Talk to your child about the programme. Explain that the programme will teach them how to keep safe

Parental participation is an essential part of

the programme both in terms of

reinforcement and follow-up. Please contact

the school if you wish to discuss the

programme further, or if you have any

queries or concerns.


Further information and lessons can be viewed here: