Student Council Meeting
Date:  26/10/2023
Attendance: All members present
Last meeting ·      Members are very happy with their new badges.

·      The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call to action. Members are aware of goals and feel we need to promote the goals around the school


Decision making in classrooms ·      How are decisions made in the classroom?

·      Let’s work together

·      Voting on topics covered in subjects:

-3 topics to vote on

-Every child gets one vote

-This could happen once or twice a week


·      Relevant topics in the news to be discussed?- in consultation with the teacher

·      Outdoor learning in better weather


Children’s rights ·      One right could be discussed in class

·      It could be discussed during another lesson or on its own

·      Student Council voted and selected


5th -6th Right 38- Protection in War


2nd-4th Right 24- Health, Water, Food, Environment


Infants -1st Right 31- Rest, Play, Culture, Arts


Suggestion Boxes ·      Members want to install proper suggestion boxes

·      The suggestion boxes are anonymous and they are for all the children who attend St. Josephs to get their voices heard.

·      6 in total around the school- including the prefabs.


Art Competition ·      Members would like to have an art competition.

·      To enter the competition you will have to come up with a positive message about being kind to others and decorate it.

·      Any children who want to enter the competition can get a entry page from Ms Kennedy.