Student Council Minutes

Minutes of Student Council Meeting

Date of meeting: 17/01/2023

1st Item The student council would like to welcome everyone back to school.

We have designed and are in the process of putting up an information centre outside the school office in reception at the minute.


At the information centre you can find out:

·      Who is on the student council?

·      The Student Council Charter

·      What is happening in our school- what school clubs are on?

·      Competitions and quizzes

2nd Item We are discussing the safety of our school.

Here are some questions we would like you to think about:

·      Do you feel safe in school/ class?

·      Do you feel safe in the school yard?.

·      Do you feel like you are learning much in school?

·      Do you know what childrens rights are?

3rd Item There will be suggestion boxes located around the school where you can fill in a note and let us know how you feel or if anything is bothering you.
Any other business ·      Extra information hub to facilitate the old school building
Items for the next agenda ·      Safety survey results comments
Date of next meeting