Student Council Minutes

Minutes of Student Council Meeting

Date of meeting: 24/01/2023

1st Item The student council reported back how students are feeling about safety in our school. The front of the old school has been identified as an area of concern. The student council surveyed the area and have identified some health and safety issues. More to follow. . .


It has been suggested that senior children will supervise the junior children on the yard and help teach them new games.


Overall children are feeling safe in their classrooms but the council will do a survey soon to make sure.

2nd Item We have set up the information centre at the reception area of the new school. Suggestion boxes are in the process of being placed in several different locations around the school. So far, there is one in reception and one outside Mr. Toner’s room.

We are going to have the student council hub in the old reception in the old school building. It is a work in progress.


3rd Item We have been busy designing posters for the before /after school clubs and they are as follows:

The clubs which are on in the school at the moment:


– Art Club

-chess club

-quiz club

-badminton club

-Pokémon club

-Book club


Football and gaelic club hopefuuly starting soon


Any other business Please no messing at the suggestion boxes- this is our school and we all want our voices to be heard
Items for the next agenda ·      Louth County Council Letter

·      Childrens’ rights magazine (UNICEF)

Date of next meeting