The new Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) teacher is Kathryn Thomas. Ms Thomas has been teaching in St. Joseph’s for many years and knows many of the parents (and grandparents) already. She is delighted to take over this role from Muirne Lawlor, who has recently retired. The role of the HSCL teacher is to support parents as primary educators of their children. She will be visiting many homes for a chat about how school is going and will be offering to assist in any way possible to make school a safe and happy place for your child. She keeps an eye on school attendance figures because it is so important that your child comes to school every day. It has been proven that children, who are often absent fall behind, lose interest in their school work and leave full-time education early.

St. Joseph’s school greatly values the involvement of parents in their child’s learning so we will often ask you to come along and join in with some of the fun activities during the school day. Our students just love to see the mammies, daddies, grannies and granddads sitting beside them in their classroom. There will also be a variety of free courses available to help parents develop their own skills and enjoy the company of others. If you have any ideas for courses/activities you would like, please come and talk to Kathryn.